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For catalytic activity and durability in catalytic converters

PIDC produces innovative materials that allow automobiles and diesels to run cleaner and meet increasingly stringent regulations worldwide. 

PIDC's materials allow automobiles to run cleaner around the world. The company’s materials are key ingredients in enhancing catalytic activity and durability in three-way catalytic converters used in today’s vehicles. Automotive catalysts remove harmful particulates from exhaust systems.  The catalytic converter is one of most important pollution abatement devices ever invented and a key component in 80% of new cars around the world.  Without the converters, the air we breathe in metropolitan areas would long ago have become highly polluted, negatively impacting the health of millions of people.  Newly developed materials are able to endure the extreme high temperatures and rough conditions experienced by converters designed to reduce cold start emissions.

From New York to Hong Kong, emissions from diesel-powered buses and trucks are a major contributor to poor air quality.  The demand for lower-emission diesel cars is a result of both tighter regulations and growing consumer interest in cleaner vehicles. Emissions from diesel engines are of increasing concern to government regulators around the world. Today’s manufacturers of diesel equipment must comply with environmental regulations and promote reliable and cost-effective technologies. 

PIDC is proud to be a supplier of cost-efficient materials to leading diesel-emission-control system providers.  Thus, PIDC is armed and strongly positioned both in terms of expertise/ knowledge and product line to cater to this ever-changing market.

For automotive paints and coatings

PIDC’s materials are also used in automotive paints and coatings to make them durable. Our materials are employed as the additives in the paints and our abrasive materials are used to control the surface finish.

In high temperature applications, PIDC’s specialty compounds can improve the silicon rubber’s thermal stability significantly.  Our materials also can help polymerization of automotive tires.